Achieve Unique craftsmanship

Building a home tailored to your unique style and needs is exciting. We understand because we are also passionate about personalization. That passion, coupled with years of experience building bespoke homes of timeless character, enables us to guide each client through a structured development process. We’ve developed a simple and clear client-focused construction processes, and at every stage we work to engage with each client at their convenience and on their terms. We provide comprehensive written updates to ensure real-time transparency around project progress against schedule and budget, and work to enable our clients to make fully informed decisions efficiently. We reinforce this communication with a personalized online workspace that allows for immediate information-sharing, document organization, and collaboration so that clients can access all relevant information at any time, from anywhere. Our time-tested and straightforward approach is designed to  make the development process enjoyable and give our clients confidence that they will love their dream home for years to come.

Site Acquisition

1 month

Clients identify and acquire the ideal lot for their dream home, carefully considering size, views, location, and any other important factors.


2-4 Months

Clients collaborate with us and the architect to design the elements, features, and functionality of each forever-home. We can suggest trusted architects with which we have experience, or each client can select their own.

permit & BIDDING

2-4 monthS

With the client's decisions in mind, we will work with the architect to develop drawings for permitting and construction, obtain permits, finalize schedule and budget, and organize and take competitive bids from vendors and suppliers, reviewing them with each client.


10-12 months

We communicate with each client in a simple and transparent manner as we manage the construction process through to punch list completion and project closeout, when designs are finally fully transformed into reality.


1+ yearS

Clients enjoy the fruits of their efforts while we finalize the details, train on home systems, and ensure every last issue has been addressed.

*Timelines are sequential.

Site Acquisition

Whether purchasing a lot in Broomfield, or requesting we build on land purchased elsewhere in Northern Colorado, our team is ready to assist with home design and construction. We have experience working with numerous financial institutions and can support the reporting, schedule, and budgetary requirements of any preferred lender for the project. JD Davis Custom Homes also offers a flexible builder fee structure that includes cost-plus or guaranteed lump sum pricing.


The design process can be overwhelming, but we’ve distilled our development experience into a comprehensive list of home design options that clients have likely dreamed about, as well as ones never considered. Using our understanding of client goals, supplemented with feedback on the Home Options Form and Style Guide, we will work with the client and the architect to thoroughly and thoughtfully define the scope, features, and functionality of each home.  During this stage, we will ensure clients have considered all options and understand the design drawings reflecting decisions, all with the goal of ensuring an efficient construction process.

The stages of the design process include:


The phase during which we gather information about a client's personality, lifestyle, needs, and preferences, all of which is organized into a document called a Program.  The Program describes the sizes and qualities or features of the planned spaces in each home.



This phase relies heavily on client engagement and feedback to develop models and sketches of the interior and exterior.


design development

This phase advances drawings with sufficient specificity for budgetary estimating. During this phase materials are selected, window and door placements determined, room dimensions finalized, and engineers engaged to produce a very detailed set
of drawings.



Precise drawings are completed during this final stage of the design process. The drawings, called Construction Documents, identify all of the materials, finishes, fixtures, equipment, and appliances in such detail that the builder can accurately execute.

*Timelines are sequential.

Permit & BIDDING

Having invested the time to document all design decisions in the Construction Documents, we will have what is needed to obtain building permit approval from the city and enable the construction team to move quickly once a permit is issued.  

A permit will be issued once the city confirms that the proposed drawings comply with building, land use, and energy code requirements. Concurrent with obtaining the permit, the JD Davis Custom Homes team will request bids from a select group of vetted and qualified contractors.  Once bids are secured and contractors scheduled, we will produce a final schedule and budget, which will include an allowance for your selected appliances, finishes, and fixtures. The budget and schedule will allow the client to complete construction loan financing.  


Once we’ve obtained the building permit, construction can begin! The home will develop from drawings to reality in 10–12 months in three key phases:

An example construction schedule may be found here.


During this phase, we clear the lot, excavate the land, physically mark the building layout, and complete the foundation.


The walls and roof structure appear during this phase, as the house is fully framed and structurally reinforced. Plumbing, HVAC, electrical, insulation, windows, and cable and data lines are installed.  Upon completion of these activities, the city must inspect and approve the work before construction can continue.

finishes & appliances:

Exterior masonry and siding, drywall, floors, fireplaces, doors, cabinets, appliances, and paint are added during this phase. Because so many of the appliances, finishes, and fixtures can be unique or custom, constant communication and quick decision-making is important to avoid unexpected delays and cost.  During this phase we will also complete the exterior work, including grading, irrigation, decks, patios, driveways /sidewalks, and fencing.

Although the process may have bumps along the way, we are passionate about ensuring that clients find it enjoyable and love their homes for years to come.

During the construction phase, clients can expect the following:


We will continue to offer weekly updates tailored to each client's availability and communication preferences, either in-person, at the construction site, or virtually by phone or email.  We will also be prepared, available, and responsive to any requests or questions  at any time.

quality craftsmanship

Our consistent on-site engagement, attention to detail, and years of experience will ensure we quickly identify possible issues, proactively prevent vendor mistakes, and complete construction on time. While unexpected issues are likely to arise, our knowledgeable and creative team of problem solvers will know exactly what to do and will be sure to keep the client informed.


Once we’ve obtained the Certificate of Occupancy, the client can move in and enjoy the fruits of their efforts while we ensure the finishing touches are completed to satisfaction. Move-in activities will include (a) a final walkthrough of the space to ensure every last detail is perfect and no final issues are unresolved, (b) comprehensive documentation and training on household systems, (c) delivery of warranty documentation and information on how to resolve any unexpected issues, and (d) final landscaping touches. We realize that issues may not manifest immediately, so our team will remain readily available as the client settles in.